Episode 56: The Migration

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As the Quraysh put their plan of attack into action, the one who fears nothing in creation ﷺ, aided by the Words of God, sets out on the journey that will end in the land of Yathrib becoming Taiba.

After a very long hiatus, we're joined by Ladies Fatima, Zahra and NuralBatoul for a lengthy editorial.


Production Team

Writer, Producer and Narrator
: Dr Bano Murtuja (www.banomurtuja.com)
Executive Producer: Nader Khan (www.naderkhan.com)
Sound Design and Production: Studio YD (www.instagram.com/yasin_dee)
Signature and sound production: Taabu (www.taabumusic.com)
Artwork by: Sidrah Khatoon (www.instagram.com/sidrahkhatoon)

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Production Team

Writer, Producer and Narrator
: Dr Bano Murtuja (www.banomurtuja.com)
Executive Producer: Nader Khan (www.naderkhan.com)
Sound Design and Production:  Studio YD (www.instagram.com/yasin_dee)
Signature and sound production: Taabu (www.taabumusic.com)
Artwork by: Sidrah Khatoon (www.instagram.com/sidrahkhatoon)

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